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this morning on "world news now" -- it's being called unthinkable. taliban fighters disguised as this morning on "world news now" -- it's being called unthinkable. taliban fighters disguised as americans possibly targeting a member of britain's royal family. >> the result, four american soldiers killed and tens of millions of dollars in damage to american aircraft. it's monday, september 17th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm paula faris. >> and i'm sunny hostin in for rob nelson who's on assignment. >> ladies in the house. >> uh-oh. ♪ ladies night >> i don't think they're ready for all this estrogen today. >> i know. it's like real girl power. >> it really is. >> do we do this a lot on "world
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news now?" >> oh, no. >> well, i'm happy to be here. i miss rob. it's not as cold in the studio because roberto is not here. >> he likes it with an antarctica blast. >> we don't. fabulous. >> warm, cozy. >> i know. >> come hang out with us. >> i'll move over. well, down to some serious news as protests continue to spread throughout the middle east. we'll have the details in just a moment. very serious stuff happening. but first some of the other stories we're going to follow this morning. that's right. this monday morning begins another week of uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren in the great city of chicago. their teachers will continue to strike after a weekend of negotiations, falls flat. they're saying wednesday at the very earliest for the kids to get back in school.
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>> which is unbelievable because we now know chicago has the third largest public education system. so we're talking about 350,000 kids with no school. it's unbelievable. >> and the trickle-down from that. >> what about single moms? what about those who just started your job? if you have a temp job, what do you do? >> you don't have a job any more. >> unfortunate. plus, the buckingham p paparazzi over those topless photos of duchess kate. the personal reason, her husband prince william is so angry about the pictures. and forget the coffee this morning. i have mine here, but we have some eye candy here to wake you up. it's ladies morning here. we thought we'd share the story of a guy some women say is the hottest man on the plannest. just keep that video rolling. >> oh, i hadn't seen him. i wanted to see him along with the viewers. wow, wow. >> can we tilt it down a little
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bit? there we go. yeah, nice 23-year-old. little too young for us. >> kind of junk. i don't fancy myself as a cougar. there will be women my ar h >> oh, yes therele. >> but not me. >> we're happy with our men. >> yes, very. first up this monday morning. the military top general speaking out against the attacks on americans in afghanistan. threat t th wa >> in the latest incident, four american soldiers were killed by afghan police at a security checkpoint and comes as we learn new details about an earlier taliban attack. abc's correspondent reports from kabul. >> reporter: it's supposed to be one of the safest bases in the country, so fortified no one could ever breach it. friday night the unthinkable happened. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. storming inside with automatic rifles, suicide vests, and grenade launchers. >> the taliban were able to execute this attack in a quite professional manner. they were able to do reconnaissance, posing as farmers and watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. >> reporter: all coalition bases in afghanistan have several lines of defense. the taliban were able to breach almost all of them and nearly hit their target.
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that target, the airfield at the camp bastion where prince harry is stationed. according to reports the prince was whisked away to a safer location the moment the attack happened. the insurgents went on to skroi or damage eight carrier jets worth $20 million each, three refueling stations, and six aircraft hangars. the last attack where so many u.s. aircraft were destroyed at once more than 40 years ago during the vietnam war. >> this was a very deliberate, well planned, well executed attack by the taliban that created chaos and mayhem on base that should have been more secure and that should not have happened. >> reporter: and in another incident that's causing tension here, nato confirmed that an air strike has led to afghan civilian casualties including woman and children. muhammad lila, abc news, kabul. >> this is really just becoming something all too often and all too unfortunate. it's the third attack on coalition forces in three days. >> it's unbelievable.
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and so far this year we've got 51 coalition troops who have been killed by afghan servicemembers. at least 12 attacks in august, leaving 15 dead. just escalating and escalating. and, you know, we're supposed to be pulling out of afghanistan. >> very soon, completely, altogether by 2014. >> that's right. >> we'll see. well, as muhammad mentioned, this is the very same base prince harry is stationed, and some believe he may have been the target. abc's martha raddatz reports. it's a highly unusual situation for a member of the royal family. >> the last time prince harry was deployed in 2008 it was done in secret. and when it leaked, he went back to britain early because he did not want his presence to endanger others. he was a forward air controller then, which is a job on the ground. this time i think the british probably announced it because he's an attack helicopter pilot and they felt prince harry would
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be in a much safer position, not out among potential enemies but up in the air. i don't think they even imagined an attack on the airfield itself. but this has got to be making them rethink this and prince harry too. i doubt he would want anyone to be in a more dangerous position because of his presence. and the fact that a small group of insurgents could make it that far, that deep onto a secure air base where thousands of u.s. marines are is truly extraordinary. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> you know what i have been wondering, and i'm just going to say it out loud. it's interesting to me that he ended up in afghanistan after the vegas party pictures. >> yes. >> i mean they just squirreled him away immediately. and i just -- i keep on one dering if that was a direct result of that scandal. >> you wonder. >> what do you think? >> i hadn't actually thought about that. >> yeah. >> but at some point, too, this is now endangering the lives of everybody else. >> of others, exactly. so was this a, you know, the
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palace saying, you know what? you need to get back to business, we're going to send you to afghanistan. and he's been there before, so he's certainly capable of fighting and being there. but was this a result of vegas and now all of a sudden other people are in danger. >> real quick, according to the british newspaper, harry grabbed a pistol and was ready to fight before he was whisked off. >> oh, he's ready. >> he's ready. >> he's ready, no question. i like harry. >> you do. i do too. that makes two of us. moving along, u.s. officials may be backing away from the idea that terrorists preplanned the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. u.n. ambassador susan rice says so far there's no evidence indicating a premeditated strike. instead it appears clusters of extremists hijacked the spontaneous protest that directly contradicts libyan leaders who insist outsiders preplanned the attack and deliberately chose september 11th. the chicago teenager accused of trying to blow up a car bomb near a popular downtown bar appears in federal court today.
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fbi investigators say adel daoud parked a jeep cherokee outside the bar friday night. then he walked away, squeezing what he believed to be the trigger. it turns out the bomb was a fake supplied by the fbi, and daoud was arrested as part of an undercover sting. another story out of chicago. the teachers dragging into a second week, even after a tentative contract that over the weekday seemed like a sure thing. after meeting for three hours yesterday, the union delegates told leaders they need more time to review that deal, and now mayor rahm emanuel is threatening to file a lawsuit to force teachers back to wok. but the union says wednesday is the absolute early left schools could reopen. >> the key is on tuesday we will be coming back to determine whether or not they're going to suspend the strike. >> there's no reason why our kids can not be in school while
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the union reviews the agreement. >> both sides have been at odds mainly over teacher evaluations and job security. the union president said last night the teachers are not happy with the agreement. well, grim news for hockey fans. it's day two of the player lockout with the two sides miles apart and no talks scheduled. the main issue, of course, is money. how should owners and players divide up a revenue pot of $3.3 billion? the standoff is likely to last months, and some players are already baling, signing to play with other leagues. >> this could be devastating for the nhl. they had a lockout less than ten years ago -- >> yeah. >> -- and it was not good for the sport. let's hope they can get it done. >> and it's a big enough pot. >> big enough pot. $3.3 billion. >> big pot. >> i can figure out a way to spend it. divvy it up. >> get on that, meet with the union, okay? and this from china is not for those afraid of heights. a chinese tightrope walker, two of his apprentices, check it out, setting a guinness world
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record for walking the wire, yeah, at the same time. >> running. nay were about 1,100 feet offer the ground over a canyon, walking without a harness or any protective measures. and to pass each other, one had to lie down on the wire as the other stepped over. yeah, that's right. >> not having it. >> no, no. >> not going to happen. >> i don't like it. well, coming up -- >> coming up, he's just a few years above the legal drinking age, but this guy is at the top of his game. we're going to introduce you to a man who's one of the hottest, ooh, models on the planet. >> first, they prepare to do battle, the royals prepare to fight the paparazzi over the topless photos of kate. you're watching "world news now." ♪ the pictures are all i can >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by >> announcer: "world news now" brought to you by 3q
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♪ i've been living so long with ♪ i've been living so long with my pictures of you ♪ yeah, well, the royal palace isn't happy about these kinds of
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pictures. >> no, no. >> well, they didn't want to -- they didn't make a fuss, rather, about the naked pictures of prince harry, but today they're going to the mat over the topless pictures of prince william's wife kate. >> that's right. today the palace will file a criminal come plant against the photographer who took them. abc's bob woodruff is traveling with will and kate in the south pacific. >> reporter: the royal couple waved greetings to the people of the solomon islands from a truck decorated as a war canoe. their legal battle against the tabloids just beginning back home. even though the islands are isolated, the people here know all about it. are people here talking about that zanl? >> it's on the streets. >> reporter: it is. >> it's on the streets, yes. >> reporter: everybody things this is extremely -- >> extremely unfair. >> reporter: the scandal erupted friday when the topless pictures of kate appeared in a french magazine. the palace quickly announced it would sue. but another blow, this time a newspaper in ireland which printed the pictures again.
3:16 am
so the palace fired back. there can be no motivation for this action, the palace stated, other than greed. now an italian magazine is expected to publish a 26-page feature, hinting at even more intimate photos of kate. >> seems like it will be too late to stop that, three publications have printed the pictures. and who knows. the question now is will there be more. >> reporter: and william's anger is apparently stirring. reports in london says he wants to testify against the accused if there is a trial and send them to jail. his dislike of the paparazzi has been evident since his mother princess diana was killed 15 years ago with cameras in pursuit. >> he's made no secret of the fact that it is his number one concern to protect kate to make sure she doesn't suffer a similar fate, so he's really going to do everything he can. >> reporter: so now this legal battle is going to be heading toward the court in france, perhaps other countries down the
3:17 am
road. as the royal palace put it, they're considering all appropriate responses. bob woodruff, abc news, solomon islands. >> see, and i'm all for freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but they went too far. >> they did. >> you invade someone's privacy. yes, she is topless, and she is with her husband. she's the future queen of england and she's back behind bushes on private property. >> in france where privacy laws are steep. >> they are, but only a fine basically. you get fined for it. i've got to tell you. i did look at the pictures, researching for this story. >> all research. >> she looks good. at least she looks great. great body. filled with jealousy when i saw her body. i was like i am two kids in. i don't look like that. wow. >> yeah, doesn't have a bad side. >> she looks great. >> okay. still ahead, is it hot in here or just me this morning. actually the ac is turned on, but it's still warm in here.
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it could have something to do with this fine-looking fellow. >> yes. he's the top male model on the planet. we have him up close and personal. coming up after the break. stay right with us. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will co ♪
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>> oh. that was a good song. >> oh. that was a good song. well, abc meteorologist ginger zee has a unique perspective on heat, so who better, who better to report on the hottest man in the world. >> yeah. you may know his name, but -- you may not know his name, rather, but you've definitely seen him before on a billboard or magazine. he is sean o'pry, and ginger got to know the man behind the image. >> reporter: he can almost be mistaken for a mere mortal. >> make me look good, please. >> reporter: but under the backward baseball cap, you catch those eyes, the incredible cheekbones, and within minutes
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the sweet southern boy transforms into sean o'pry. he has vamped for "vogue," versace, and hugo boss. six campaigns with gap alone. his perfect bod is a regular on catwalks and covers around the globe. he has even been featured in a madonna music video. ranked number one on, sean is at the top of his game. from shoot to shoot, runway to runway, his diamond status on delta is earned. sean flies well over 200,000 miles each year. a far cry from that november day back in 2006 when he took his first flight to new york city. sean grew up in small town kennesaw, georgia. the middle child, a quarterback, a self-described troublemaker. his moment of discovery, a judge from "america's next top model" found him on myspace. >> there's this guy, i guess,
3:21 am
creeping on myspace. they stumble across my prom pictures. days later signed with vmi model management. >> let's look through your book. >> you can look through my book. i've seen this guy before. >> reporter: within weeks the 17-year-old from the peach state was on his own in the big apple. >> yeah. i was up in new york. i was an exclusive for calvin a week later. it's a whirlwind. i was very lucky. >> reporter: a hectic life for the striking blues and pillowy lips. sean hasn't been in one place more than two weeks since his career took off. a glamorous career and earning millions at just 23. he seems to have it all, but the georgia native says there's a hot more to life. >> do you feel like you're missing out on anything? >> yeah, reality. i've been very, very blessed by the way everything has happened. at the end of the day, i can't wait go back to kennesaw. this is just a chapter that we'll see what happens with. >> high five. >> he's not ugly. >> he's not. he's easy on the eyes and apparently maybe smart. he says he'd like to go back to school some day to study marine biology. yes!
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it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. ♪ ♪ welcome back, everybody. time now for "insomniac theater." 3-d movies had the edge at the box office this weekend. >> yes. topping the list, the fifth movie in the horror video game franchise, "resident evil: retribution." our digital news assistant amanda vanallen ventured out to see it. what did you think? >> all right. so for all of us who love action movies, who love 3-d movies -- >> i do. >> -- who love thrillers, this was great movie. so if you're all into stuff flying at your face and ducking for cover -- actually i did that
3:26 am
a couple of times in the theater, i'm not going to lie. and i screamed. i screamed. i was like, ah! so it was really good for that. i have to say, i was a little upset because there wasn't enough plot to it. okay. yes. >> well, it is "resident evil." >> and it was, you know, another one of those alien movies where you don't really know exactly what's going on, and they didn't do great job of explaining it. and i was a little upset because this movie just set us up for the next movie. >> but boris kodjoe is in it, so it doesn't matter, the plot. >> speaking from the woman who saw "possession" over the weekend. >> it was excellent. i'll give my review another time. >> so let's listen to what some of our moviegoers had to say. >> the special effects were really good. i mean, it's "resident evil" and milla jovovich.
3:27 am
what can you say. it was good. >> it was kind of shorter than i was expecting. like i don't know about the story line. i love action. >> i think it's almost perfect. >> it was just embarrassing to sit there. and then, you know, they shot the whole thing in 3-d, and really it was like an excuse to have big, big hallways and the entire set, everything was fake. it was just -- nothing was really authentic. >> ooh. >> he wasn't happy. he was very disappointed with the movie. >> how many? >> i'm giving it 3 1/2 out of four stars. >> that's still a lot of stars. >> and she's a tough critic. >> it was a lot of stars, it was a lot of fun and i had a great time, but i didn't like the fact that they wasted my time to set me up to see another movie. >> but you will go, right? >> i probably will go. i'm not going to lie. >> well played then by the franchise. >> good job. >> that's estrogen hour, okay? thanks for joining us. thanks for joining us. u for joining us.
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this morning on "world news now" -- chicago standoff. teachers now say they will not be back today as their strike enters its second week. the mayor is furious and threatening to take the union to court. it's monday, september 17th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm sunny hostin. rob nelson is on assignment. >> and i'm paula faris. we're chatty kathy today. >> girl power. do you hear that music. >> oh, yeah. >> what's better than one girl? two. i'm so happy to be here. >> they haven't let us do this before. i don't think they're going to let us do it again.
3:31 am
>> i hope so. >> we're too chatty. the latest from chicago in a moment. what looked like a done deal has fallen through. also ahead, four american servicemembers were killed in the latest insider attack in afghanistan. the spiraling violence prompts new words of warning from the top u.s. military general. i think this is the third green on blue in the last eight days. >> it's just unbelievable. and since august, really, we've seen this escalation. so something to -- that we'll be following. also, check this out. look who can't drive 55. cops. that's right. believe police officers caught on tape, careening down the road. not in pursuit, though, not part of their job, but putting other people in danger. unbelievable story we're going to have coming up. and later the quick-thinking 3-year-old that's being hailed as a hero. how he came to the rescue -- this precious little guy -- to help save another life. >> i love that. a smart 3-year-old. >> 3-year-old. >> you have a 3-year-old. >> i do. >> yeah, interesting stuff. >> i'm not sure he would react
3:32 am
the same. >> yeah. i don't know if mine would have done that either, but it's a wonderful story. >> yes, it is. but we begin with that bitter standoff in chicago. striking teachers refuse to return to the classroom for at least two more days. >> yeah. mayor rahm emanuel has declared the strike illegal and now is ready to take the fight to court hoping to immediately force teachers to get back to school. here's sarah shulte of our chicago station. >> reporter: they need more time. that is what the chicago teachers' union's house of delegates say about voting on a 180-page written contract they were just given. >> we really need to take what was -- what was given to us today, back to our membership to give our membership a fair chance to also make a decision. >> reporter: so until then, the strike continues. the school board says there's no reason why kids can't be back in school while teachers review the deal. >> just as we have said that this is a strike of choice, it has now become a delay of choice. our kids cannot be used as pawns
3:33 am
in internal union disagreements. >> reporter: ctu president karen lewis says her members don't trust the school board. the teachers are mulling over a 3-year deal that gives them raises each year. but lewis says it's the issue of teacher evaluations and hiring back laid off teachers that remain sticking points. >> you have a population of people who are frightened of never being able to work for no fault of their own. they just don't have the trust. >> reporter: lewis says her members are worried about future school closings. a number the ctu says may be close to 200. the tentative contract calls for one half of all new hires to come from the laid off pool. it also allows teachers to follow their students to other schools if their school is subject to school action. >> this is the deal we got, okay? this is not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination, not compared to what our members are used to having. >> well, you know, interesting something that i learned,
3:34 am
apparently the mayor, mayor rahm emanuel, he wanted to lengthen the public school day and the year, and he did that without sort of consulting with the union. and apparently the union came back with a request for a 30% raise, and think that's sort of where the butting heads started. >> and then they wound up getting the 3% raise and then increment tally 2% a year after that. >> exactly. >> but mayor rahm emanuel is saying -- of course, he said he's going to file the injunction and claim leadership is illegal on two grounds, which i wanted to ask you about. which issues deemed by state law, nonstrikable and that it endangers the health and safety of our children. does he have a leg to stand on? >> let me put my legal hat on. no. i mean he's got to try for that, no question about that, because i'm sure he feels he's being bullied. what better place to play it out go in court and ask for injunction. i don't -- good luck with that. i don't think that's going to work. but hopefully he won't need the injunction because hopefully by wednesday these kids are going to be back in school.
3:35 am
>> let's hope. wednesday at the earliest. has to be approved by 26,000 union members. >> that's right. overseas now to afghanistan where there's been another deadly attack on u.s. troops by afghan security forces. four american soldiers were killed by an afghan police safer at a checkpoint yesterday. the military's top general says that these kinds of attacks are a serious threat to the war effort. general martin dempsey says the afghan government needs to take the problems as seriously as do u.s. and nato commanders. and we're learning new details about an earlier attack on an air base where prince harry was stationed. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall, stormed inside with automatic rifles, grenade launchers, and suicide vests. some have speculated that the prince was the target of attack. he has been sent to a safer location. anti-american protests could escalate today now that a hezbollah leader has called for demonstrations in lebanon. in pakistan, hundreds of protesters broke through
3:36 am
barricades near the u.s. consulate in karachi yesterday. one demonstrator was killed and dozens were hurt in battles with police. as for last week's deadly attack on the consulate in libya, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says there's no evidence it was premeditated. >> as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons. it then evolved from there. >> of course, all of the attacks and protests have been spurred by that anti-islam american-made movie. >> 30 countries were protesting at one time or another over the weekend. moving along, a clean-cut former green beret and doctor at the center of the so-called "fatal vision" case is getting a new chance to prove his innocence. >> i remember that case. jeffrey macdonald is heading back to court today 42 years after he was accused of the
3:37 am
brutal murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. more from abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it was a gruesome crime that gripped the country. >> one of the nation's most controversial murder cases. >> reporter: a pregnant mother, her two daughters, stabbed repeatedly and beaten to death at ft. bragg. >> i did not murder my wife. i did not murder my children. >> reporter: but green beret and medical doctor jeffrey macdonald was convicted of killing his family, which led to a best-selling book "fatal vision, oots even a tv mini series. >> captain jeffrey macdonald, green beret doctor here on the base. >> reporter: the killings came months after the manson murders in california. macdonald always claimed the case was similar -- hippies, three men, woman, coming into his house, murdering his family. all these years later, oscar-winning documentarian earl morris's book about the case has raised new questions. >> no one has really established a strong case against him. i myself see no evidence which links him to the crime.
3:38 am
>> reporter: macdonald gets another chance in court, asking that witness statements and hairs found in the house that don't match the family be admitted as evidence. dna testing didn't exist when he was on trial. >> at the time there were so many inconsistencies, it's the newly discovered dna evidence that casts another light. >> reporter: will it change his conviction of 33 years ago? >> i'm sitting in prison. i'm wrongfully convicted. >> reporter: these hearings in front of a federal judge could take a couple of weeks, and it will be up to that judge to decide whether after all this time macdonald gets a new trial. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> i remember watching that movie, and i remember this case. and what bothered me or still bothers me about it coming from the perspective of being a prosecutor, you usually look at motive. you don't have to prove that in court, but i always wonder, you know, what would cause a very high functioning man -- i mean he went to princeton, was a doctor, green beret, two young
3:39 am
daughters -- >> pregnant wife. >> -- pregnant wife, loved his family, why would he do something like that, and that's what's always been missing for me with this case, and why. >> seems unconscionable. if you remember, he was released. 1980. the u.s. supreme court overturned the decision and he had to go back to jail. >> and he always maintained his innocence from the get-go. and that's unusual also. >> 33 years. >> and he's going up for parole. why not say, okay, i'm sorry, i did it, to get out. but he hasn't done that. here's a look at your weather. a wet day for much of the south. heavy rain from atlanta all the way south. and looks like it is 80 in charlotte. and it's a little cooler, fall-like temperatures in the northeast. >> yes. cold blast from fargo to the twin cities. showers in the colorado rockies. 80s from albuquerque to miami. mostly 70s in the northeast and midwest. and just 50s from minneapolis to fargo. all right. for cereal lovers, it may be the
3:40 am
greatest thing since sliced bread. >> i'm a cereal lover. >> i love cereal too. i love all foods. >> me too. a new invention to keep the crunch in your munch. take a look at this really cool cereal bowl. actually two bowls in one. you've got the crispy crunch, no-ing so cereal bowl. it separates your milk from your cereal so you can enjoy a mushy-free breakfast. >> so that means no more soggy cereal no matter how long it takes you to finish eating. i don't know. i mean part of the charm like eating rice krispies or anything is sort of the speed that, you know -- it's a finely tuned dance, right? >> mm-hmm. >> so you put that in. we need milk. >> we don't have milk. >> we don't have milk. >> well, whatever. >> that's okay. eat it. it's good. so it's not mushy, but you've got to time it perfectly. so i think this whole new bowl thing takes the fun out of it. >> no. i like crunchy cereal. i don't like it mushy.
3:41 am
i'm a texture gal. >> and them it gets mushier. so it's kind of like a speed thing. >> i know, right? more random stuff coming up in "the skinny." talk about drama. "american idol" reveals its new panel. but first, a high-speed chase involving a police officer is nothing new. only this time the one being chased was also, uh-huh, wearing a badge. you're watching "world news now." ♪ breaking the law ♪ breaking the law >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america. w" weather brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america. w" weather brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america.
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you so what do you think when so what do you think when you see a police car barreling down the highway? probably that it was on its way to an emergency scene or crime scene, correct? >> absolutely. and, well, however, in an alarming number of cases, the officers aren't out enforcing the law. they're breaking it. abc's john schifrin has the story.
3:45 am
>> reporter: high-speed chases are nothing new, but this one in miami grabbed headlines because the man behind the wheel of the squad car going 120 miles per hour is an off-duty officer heading to his second job. he's about to get busted. >> put your hands out the window! >> reporter: at gunpoint, florida highway patrol officer arrested miami police officer fausto lopez for speeding. but after this video went viral, authorities investigated and found lopez was a habitual offender. last week he was fired and charged with reckless driving. this kind of abuse of power may be parodied in movies look "super bad," but it's a lot more common than you think. the two off-duty officers in this car were fired after luring a fellow officer into a high-speed chase, laughing hysterically, claiming it was all a prank. in miami two officers were relieved of duty after careening
3:46 am
down a sandy stretch on miami beach, even going airborne. >> it is a serious problem. speed kills. it doesn't differentiate between whether you're a citizen or whether you're a police officer. >> reporter: and with that risk to public safety, we've seen more americans demanding action. those videos are going viral, and the public outrage is forcing law enforcement to punish these officers. john schifrin, abc news, new york. well, up next, what is it with amanda bynes and cops these days? >> i know. i don't know. >> another day, another arrest. the details up next in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny and now it's time for "the skinny," my favorite part of the show basically. "american idol," i am such a fan. i not only watch the show, i also vote repeatedly, depending on, you know, who i'm really into. >> yes. like 10, 15 times? well, on ""american idol,"" the judges have been finally announced. we've got nicki minaj, randy
3:49 am
jackson is back for more. he is holding on. mariah carey and keith urban. so four. i love keith urban. four judges instead of three. bound to be interesting. we know that mariah carey and randy jackson are friends. they've worked together. apparently mariah carey and nicki minaj don't like each other. it's going to be very interesting. they're going to mix it up. >> i like the nice balance of genre, too. you've got country, a little rap -- >> absolutely. >> -- a little hip-hop. >> exactly. >> it's going to be wonderful. i am really actually interested in nicki minaj and what she adds to it. she's kind of the new kid on the block, right, 29 years old. she's kind of a hip-hop/pop goddess. >> she likes to push the envelope too. >> we'll see. >> superstar. >> she likes to wear hot pink bikinis. >> and she can. >> she can pull it off. >> yeah. all right. amanda bines in a bit of a bind. sunday morning she was pulled over by police.
3:50 am
they realized that her car, that she actually had been driving under suspended license. so they impounded the vehicle, as you can see the photo by tmz, and they gave her a misdemeanor ticket for driving on a suspended license. they also pulled her over last week, september 9th. they didn't issue her a citation. and there are pictures now. they're thinking she has some sort of mental illness. this sources say she is -- she is suffering from -- displaying signs of mental illness. she went to a gym last week, looking dazed and talking to herself. apparently asking and answering her own questions. >> using some kind of pipe in the picture. >> yes, crack pipe. >> pot, booze, and a pipe. >> yeah. >> and a car. >> drugs and a car. >> that combination. >> i hope she gets some help because she needs some help. >> she needs some help. >> clear cry for help there. >> clearly. well, eva longoria -- >> ooh.
3:51 am
a nice change in intoe nation there. >> -- she has confirmed she is dating jets' quarterback mark sanchez. now mark is 25. and she is 37. >> my age. >> yeah. >> very, very interesting. i think she should stay away from the athletes. >> she loves the athletes. >> she didn't have a great time with the last one, right? tony parker. >> no. >> not a good relationship. didn't he cheat on her or something? >> yeah. >> mark is cute. >> he is a cutie pie, and parentally he loves the ladies. >> yes. she loves him obviously. >> cute couple. they will make cute babies. >> i like it. i like it. moving along, chris brown, his new album is coming out. >> mm-hmm. >> in the uk, at least one record store, the mega store, uk campaigners are slapping his album with that warning that says "this man beats women." they just want purchasers to think before they buy and to think about his violent past. >> i haven't been able to get past it, i'll be honest. and i like his latest song,
3:52 am
"don't wake me up." can't get past the rihanna beating. >> i know. some clear issues there. now the tattoo. >> yes, can't do it. it. ♪ don't cawake me up ♪ the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and you'll never need a referral to see a specialist. there's a range of plans to choose from, too. and they all travel with you. anywhere in the country.
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will it do the trick? [ scoffs ] please. ♪ baby you're amazing ♪ don't wake me up ♪ baby you're amazing ♪ i want to let you and, finally, this monday morning, this little guy that you're about to meet is just absolutely going to steal your heart, just rip it out of your chest. >> yeah. >> he is just 3 years old, but he is also a lifesaver. >> that's because when his aunt had a seizure, he had the smarts and the courage to get her the help she needed. chad pradelli of our station in philadelphia has the incredible story. >> reporter: total strangers exchanged hugs and kisses of joy brought together by the heroics of this boy, 3-year-old tyrone copeland, who may have saved his aunt's life.
3:56 am
>> her got hurt and they took her to the hospital. >> i am very happy and very appreciative for what he did. >> reporter: little tyrone and his aunt were at this playground in speakman park when she began to have a seizure. she was going in and out of consciousness, but tyrone didn't act like your typical 3-year-old. instead he ran across the park, across east 28th street and was able to communicate to two complete strangers that his nene as he calls her needed help. >> he's just amazing because he knew his name, he knew his address. and he told us concisely what was wrong and where to go. >> reporter: paula thomas and gina butler were outside their home when tyrone came running up crying. as the pint-sized hero recalls it, he said -- >> tell them i need help. >> reporter: but thomas and butler said tyrone said much more. >> his exact words were -- he
3:57 am
said she was lying there and she had a seizure and her mouth was closed and she didn't open her eyes. he said she wasn't moving. >> reporter: the women ran to the park and found her, who had suffered seizures in the past. paramedics arrived within minutes and took her to a local hospital. this precocious boy had saved the day. >> i didn't know that he would be able to do >> any other person probab wouldn't have done that. and for his age, i'm very >> that is remarkable at 3 that he was able toly what was going on with her and then went to the paramedics arrived to express what was going on with her. >> and to tell people to call 911? i mean either he's brilliant or he's had brilliant parents as paave tillpare him. in him and tell him -- i don't think my son knows what 911 is other than, you know, dialing
3:58 am
3:59 am
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